16th BMMC Congress, Bucharest (2011)

16th BMMC Congress was held in Bucharest, Romania, between 1st and 4th June 2011. The main topic of the congress was: “Past, Present and Future of Military Medicine in Balkans”. Two hundred and sixteen (216) participants from six member countries of BMMC (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey) attended the congress. A total number of two hundred and forty three (243) scientific papers were presented, one hundred and eighteen (118) oral and one hundred and twenty five (125) poster presentations.

Four round tables were performed with the topics as following: “Polytrauma Patients’ Care: Aspects of Emergency Medical Service and ICU Department”, “Multiaxial Diagnosis in Depressive Disorders: Clinical and Therapeutic Dimensions”, “New Trends in Aviation and Diving Medicine” and “Telemedicine: Present and Future in BMMC”.

A meeting for the Chiefs of Military Medical Services took place, where Chiefs of BMMC delegations presented the organization and tasks of military medical systems. A corresponding meeting was decided to take place every year during the congress. The first BMMC student meeting was held on the framework of the congress with the purpose of encouraging communication and future collaboration between military medical academies of BMMC member countries. It was decided such a meeting to be organized during every BMMC congress, in case enough presentations from medical/nursing students were submitted.