15th BMMC Congress, Pieria (2010)

15th BMMC Congress was held in Pieria, Greece, between 30 May and 3 June 2010. The main topic of the congress was: “Military Preventive Medicine”. The congress was attended by one hundred and seventy three (173) participants from the five member countries of BMMC (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey), one candidate member country (Albania) and two observer countries (Montenegro and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). A total number of three hundred (300) scientific papers, one hundred and sixty one (161) oral and one hundred and thirty nine (139) poster presentations were presented.

Five round tables were performed with the following topics: “Prevention of Infectious Diseases”, “Prevention of Mental Health Disorders”, “Emergency Medicine”, “The Role of Military Medicine on Disaster Relief Operations” and “New Trends in Aviation and Diving Medicine”.

Greek National Board organized a training course on “Basic Life Support” accredited by the European Resuscitation Council. It also introduced the “Machaon Award” after the first military surgeon Machaon for the best presentation on military medicine. 

An annual award named as “The Best Military Medical paper Award” was established for the best oral presentation of the congress.

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