14th BMMC Congress,Burgas (2009)

14th BMMC Congress was held from 10 to 14 May 2009 in Burgas, Bulgaria. The Congress was attended by one hundred and fifty seven (157) Health Professional Officers of the five member countries and one candidate member country (Albania). A total of two hundred and forty seven (247) scientific papers were presented, one hundred and forty six (146) oral and one hundred and one (101) poster presentations.

The main topic of the Congress was: “Multinational Military Medical Cooperation on the Balkans and on Missions Abroad”.
Three round tables were organized with the following topics: “Military Medical Cooperation in Missions Abroad and Disasters”, “Combat Stress and Burnout in Military Practice” and “The Role of Military Nurses in the Armed Forces”.

During the Congress Opening Ceremony, the candidate membership of Albania was approved and signed by the Chiefs of BMMC member countries.