Belgrade Military Medical Academy

Introduction – Mission​​

Belgrade participates in IMIHO with the Military Medical Academy.

The Military Medical Academy (MMA) is a medical, educational and scientific-research institution with an internationally acknowledged reputation. As a military hos­pital with centralized care, the MMA can en­sure that a consultation meeting of the most skilled medical experts can be called up in 10 minutes to respond to any kind of medi­cal problems. It was established in 1844, and today, within its framework, it has the Medi­cal School committed to creating new genera­tions of military doctors. It is also recognized as a scientific research center of excellence.


Every March 2, the MMA celebrates the MMA’s Day to commemorate the day when the Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic is­sued the Decree on the establishment of the first Central Military Hospital. Since its establishment up to now, this military hospital in Belgrade has changed its lo­cation six times, growing gradually from the Danube Division Military Hospital and the Army District Principal Military Hospital to the Central Military Hospi­tal of the Yugoslav National Liberation Army and today’s edifice standing on the Banjica Hill.

The Military Medical Acad­emy was established in 1949. Eleven years later, in 1960, the Assembly of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia passed the Act on the Military Medical Academy. The construction of a new MMA’s building, one of the symbols of Belgrade, was completed in 1981. By the decision of the Republic of Serbia Gov­ernment taken on December 13, 2007, the Military Medical Academy has been functionally integrated into the National Health System with 40% of its capacities. That Agreement went into force on Janu­ary 1, 2008.


The MMA complex covers an area of 21 hectares contains 180.000 sq m hospital building divided in more than 60 differ­ent technical-technological entities with 6.000 premises and the capacity of 1200 beds.

The Military Medical Academy has 27 clin­ics and 17 institutes, the Specialist Outpa­tient Clinic, the Poison Control Center, the Emergency Department and the Solid Organ Transplantation Center performing more than 5000 diverse diagnostic and therapeutic pro­cedures. The MMA operates as a part of the Ministry of Defense. Thanks to its military organizational structure and commitment to providing the best, most comprehensive qual­ity medical care, it has been rewarded and recognized as a medical institution meeting the highest world standards. The MMA has always been opened to all our citizens, and since its recent full integration in the National Health System, it serves 40 percents of civil­ian patient population. Each year, it has more than 230.000 civilian outpatient visits, of which more than 20.000 result in hospital ad­missions. Furthermore, on Wednesdays, its Emergency Department operates round the clock providing comprehensive emergency response services to the whole population of Serbia.

The MMA is an ex­ample of successful international coopera­tion, and an active participant in numerous bilateral and multilateral activities in the spheres of civilian and military healthcare. There are numerous foreign delegation vis­its the MMA hosts almost every day, and the deployment of its medical personnel to peacekeeping missions is also considered very important.