9th BMMC Congress, Antalya (2004)

9th BMMC Congress was held in Antalya, Turkey, between 21st and 24th June 2004. 350 specialists participated from the four member countries and four medical officers as observers from Albania, Croatia, FYROM and Serbia. Six hundred and fourteen (614) scientific papers, one hundred and twenty six (126) oral and four hundred and eighty eight (488) poster presentations were presented. A panel with the topic “Military Medicine in Mass Casualties” took place with international participation and great success. A specialist meeting with the theme “Spatial Disorientation, Training, Prevention and Countermeasures” took place as well. It was decided that, in the future congresses, the title of these specialist meetings would be “State of the Art Seminar, Panel or Conference”.

It was the first time that military medical students from member countries attended the congress. Also for the first time, an official web site was prepared from Turkish National Board for the activities of 9th BMMC Congress.

A technical medical exhibition and a special art exhibition with pastures from previous BMMC congresses were organized.

A technical visit was made to the military airport of Antalya and a briefing was given to participants about the ambulance aircraft. Military medical authorities and BMMC National Boards appreciated that activity and tried to support such informatics briefings in next meetings.

Greek National Board presented an informative booth during the congress on the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, an activity that distracted great interest.
During 15th BMMC Post Congress Committee Meeting from 25 to 27 June 2004, the idea of accepting scientific articles for publication in BMMR from non-member countries was discussed. It was approved in accordance with article 7 of Agreed Minutes of the 2nd Extra Meeting of BMMC, 1997 Athens, Greece.