11th BMMC Congress, Athens (2006)

11th BMMC Congress was held in Athens, Greece, between 18 and 22 June 2006. The congress was attended by two hundred and sixty nine (269) participants from the four BMMC member countries. Five hundred and ninety two (592) papers were presented, of which one hundred and nineteen (119) were oral and four hundred and seventy three (473) poster presentations.

Five round tables were performed with the titles “Avian influenza”, “Spatial disorientation and aviation accidents”, “Diving medicine and Hyperbaric medicine”, “Nursing coordination in minimal invasive surgery” and “Psychological models of combat stress – prevention, management and control”. Three state of the art lectures were presented as well.

During the Congress Opening Ceremony, a Signing Ceremony was organized by Creek National Board for the acceptance of Serbia and Montenegro as Candidate Member Countries.