Skopje Military Medical Centre

Skopje participates in IMIHO with the Military Medical Center.

The Military Medical Centre provides protection and improvement of military personnel health, and consequently provides high level of combat readiness of the units, commands and centers of the Armed Forces.

The Military Medical Centre was founded on 11th January 2010, after the transformation of the Military Hospital.

Table of Contents


  • Performance and control of preventive-medical activities, in the units and centers of the armed forces.
  • Primary health care of the military personnel and MoD employees.
  • Specialist health care of the personnel and MoD employees.
  • Field training activities of the units
    VIP persons and delegations from the country and abroad
  • Participation of the medical personnel in peacekeeping missions
  • Bearer of the accomplishment of the partnership goal to construct a Role-1 Mobile field hospital for medical support of the armed forces.
  • Medical training of the military personnel, as well as of members of NATO and PzM countries.

Peacekeeping missions​

Participation, with personnel, in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, as part of the Joint Medical Team from the Adriatic Charter countries in seven rotations, in the period between 2005 and 2009.

Participation, with personnel, in 13 rotations in the mission ALTEA/EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period between 2006 to present date.

Participation, with two officers for preventive medicine, in the EUFOR command.
Participation, with a surgical team, in the mission of ISAF – Afghanistan, as part of the Norwegian field hospital. This mission started in 2008.