Invitation to 33rd Tech WG Meeting – 15th IMIHO Users Meeting

I am very pleased to announce that Bucharest will host the 33rd IMIHO/Tech WG Meeting, that will be held on 7 December 2021 (Tuesday) on 1100hrs (Bucharest local time). The 15th IMIHO Users meeting will be held on 8 December 2021 (Wednesday) on 1100hrs (Bucharest local time).  Due to the ongoing pandemic and health care protocols, both events will be hosted virtually (teleconference) via the IMIHO Portal (, with Athens as Host Nation. The topics that will be discussed during the Meetings are presented in the attached Agenda document.  

During the 15th IMIHO Users Meeting,  the following events will take place:

(1)  The IMIHO Award Ceremony, for delivery of Awards to recipients.

(2) A Webinar titled as “IMIHO as an online multinational Research Collaboration Platform”. All participating nations are strongly encouraged to provide a briefing with specific proposals in an effort to identify areas of common research. It is strongly that the Research Offices of Hospitals are engaged and propose collaboration projects (for example exchange of COVID-19 info) that will be considered for Group Projects, according to the procedures already established in the “IMIHO Guidance and Framework” document, authorized by the Ministers.

More information is available here (registration required).