14th IMIHO Users Meeting

Webinar on Intensive Care

The 14th Interconnection of Military Hospitals (IMIHO) Users’ Meeting took place virtually on 25 May 2021. Mr. Petro KOÇI, SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman opened the Webinar by emphasizing the importance of the Project and expressed his appreciation for tangible results and outputs, achieved so far, at no cost to nations.

An IMIHO Awards Ceremony took place to honor individuals who distinguished themselves by providing valuable support and assistance to the activities of the Project.

A Webinar was executed via the IMIHO dedicated teleconference platform, that focused on Intensive Care, moderated by the IMIHO Chairman, composed of diverse and informational presentations. During the session, Nations presented their infrastructure and capabilities, as well as sharing their experiences and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants from six Nations, as well as the SEDM Secretariat had the opportunity to exchange their expert opinions, views and experiences, as well as elaborate on lessons learned and way-ahead. Presentation recordings and slides will be published to the IMIHO Portal.

Participants from seven Nations, as well as the SEDM Secretariat had the opportunity to receive an extensive briefing, composed of diverse and informational presentations on Intensive Care related topics, such as national perspectives and military contribution, scientific presentations and best practices, information systems and others.

The webinar was recorded and is available at our website (registration required).