The Interconnection of Military Hospitals (IMIHO) project is an international nonprofit initiative, within the South Eastern Defence Ministerial (SEDM) Process framework, aiming at exchange of medical information between medical personnel using information technologies. Currently, ten (10) nations participate in the project, as show in the image.

Primary purpose of our portal is to foster cooperation among Military Hospitals and forge a vibrant international medical community, specialized in the challenges of military and humanitarian medical activities.  Ubiquity of Internet and proliferation of social networking, as well as the ever-growing computer literacy of medical personnel encourages utilization of information technologies. Modern collaboration tools provide an efficient, intuitive, easy to use and cost effective informational platform. The portal uses modern content management tools that enable proper indexing and retrieval of information in order to provide a robust and user friendly repository of medical knowledge and media.

Another very important functionality of the portal is to integrate social networking functions, as well as provide robust and flexible means of communication. Our forums allow for conversations in the form of posted messages.The IMIHO web portal provides teleconference and e-learning capabilities. The presenter can broadcast to a remote audience by use of streaming technologies, as well as project slides, answer to questions and use various training aids.

This initiative is user-driven; the contents of the site are enriched by the user’s contribution in the form of articles, papers, videos e.t.c. Users are typically -but not limited to- medical personnel.  Therefore, your involvement and contributions are essential to this fledgling initiative.