Military Medical Metrics

The purpose of this white paper is to provide statistical information and performance metrics related to operations of participating Military Hospitals.

Online Military Medical Archive

The document aims at the establishment of the IMIHO Subproject titled “Military Medical Archive”, that will contain medical information and incidents from past conflicts and peace-keeping missions, properly documented and available to all registered users.

Online Medical Training

The document describes the provision of online training within the Framework of Southeastern European Defense Ministerial Process health care Personnel of participating nations via use of online tools, such as IMIHO Videoteleconference capabilities.

M30 IMIHO TWG Minutes

Minutes of the 30th TWG Meeting and 12th Users Meeting in LEPL Giorgi Abramishvili Ministry of Defense Military Hospital in Gori, 26-28 Nov 2019 Meeting Minutes

IMIHO Meetings SOP

The IMIHO SOP / 2016 /01 document provides information of planning and execution of Meetings.

IMIHO Project Guidance and Framework Document

This document defines a comprehensive framework within the scope of the IMIHO Project aiming at facilitating scientific collaboration on Military Medicine, while achieving cost rationalization and effectiveness.

The document has been authorized by the Defence Ministers of the SEDM Nations