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IMIHO (Interconnection of *Military Hospitals) is a community website for medical information exchange among military hospitals in the framework of the South Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial Process. 

Users of the website are medical personnel of the Participating Hospitals and Armed Forces, approved and registered by the National Administrators.

The website hosts a repository of medical articles, submitted by the users.

*For the purposes of the Project, all Health Care Institutions serving Military Personnel are considered eligible for participation (even if officially designated as Civilian). 





  • Webinar on Intensive Care
    Webinar on Intensive Care

    The 14th Interconnection of Military Hospitals (IMIHO) Users’ Meeting took place virtually on 25 May 2021.

    Mr. Petro KOÇI, SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman opened the Webinar by emphasizing the importance of the Project and expressed his appreciation for tangible results and outputs, achieved so far, at no cost to nations.

    An IMIHO Awards Ceremony took place to honor individuals who distinguished themselves by providing valuable support and assistance to the activities of the Project.

    A Webinar was executed via the IMIHO dedicated teleconference platform, that focused on Intensive Care, moderated by the IMIHO Chairman, composed of diverse and informational presentations. During the session, Nations presented their infrastructure and capabilities, as well as sharing their experiences and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants from six Nations, as well as the SEDM Secretariat had the opportunity to exchange their expert opinions, views and experiences, as well as elaborate on lessons learned and way-ahead. Presentation recordings and slides will be published to the IMIHO Portal.

    Participants from seven Nations, as well as the SEDM Secretariat had the opportunity to receive an extensive briefing, composed of diverse and informational presentations on Intensive Care related topics, such as national perspectives and military contribution, scientific presentations and best practices, information systems and others.

    The webinar was recorded and is available at our website (registration required).

    Published on Monday, 21 June 2021 17:18
    Key words: webinar covid19
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  • 14th IMIHO Users Meeting Announcement
    14th IMIHO Users Meeting Announcement
    We are very pleased to announce that the 14th IMIHO Users meeting will be held on 25 May 2021 (Tuesday) at 1100hrs (Athens local time). Please, note that Athens is currently at GMT +3 zone time, due to summer daylight saving time. Due to the ongoing pandemic and health care protocols, both events will be hosted virtually (teleconference), with Athens as Host Nation. The topics that will be discussed during the Meetings are presented in the attached Agenda document.  
    During the 14th IMIHO Users Meeting,  the following events will take place:
    (1)  An IMIHO Award Ceremony, for delivery of Awards to recipients, chaired by PMSC/SEDM-CC Chairman (or alternatively Director).
    (2) A Webinar on Intensive Care will be executed. 
    The Conference Room will be accessible via the IMIHO Portal to any registered user. 
    More information are available at our website (registration required)
    Published on Wednesday, 28 April 2021 06:51
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  • IMIHO January 2021 Newsletter
    IMIHO January 2021 Newsletter

    Dear all,

    We are pleased to announce the publication of our annual newsletter, in  order  to  summarize  current progress and tangible results, as well as raise awareness about past and future activities. 

    We hope that this project will be beneficial for Military Medicine activities, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    The content is unclassified and you may freely forward the newsletter to any person, directly or indirectly related to Military Medicine. 

    Your feedback, ideas and future participation to our activities is very important to our community.

    You may download the document by clicking here. (registration required).



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  • 31st Tech WG Meeting – 13th IMIHO Users Meeting Announcement
    31st Tech WG Meeting – 13th IMIHO Users Meeting Announcement
    I am very pleased to announce that the 13th IMIHO Users meeting will be held on 17 December 2020 (Thursday) at 1000hrs (GMT + 1, Rome local time). Also, the 31st SEDM/IMIHO/Tech WG Meeting will be held on 18 December 2020 (Friday) at 1000hrs (GMT + 1, Rome local time). Due to the ongoing pandemic and health care protocols, both meetings will be hosted virtually via the IMIHO Portal ( in collaboration with the “Celio” Military Hospital, with Rome as Host Nation. 
    During the 13th IMIHO Users meeting, a Webinar on COVID-19 pandemic will be executed, focusing on the Military Hospitals contributions in support of the national health system. Host Nation (Rome) has kindly volunteered to prepare a series of briefings on the subject in an effort to share their valuable experience, as well as the challenges they encountered and lessons learned during the pandemic.
    More information is available at our website (registration required).
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  • Military Medical Metrics
    Military Medical Metrics

    The IMIHO Technical Working Group (TWG) prepared a proposal document, titled “Military Medical Metrics” that aims at collecting and sharing performance information related to medical operations, in order to produce actionable conclusions regarding efficiency and effectiveness of Hospitals. The proposal has been authorized by the Ministers of the SEDM Nations, during the SEDM Ministerial Meeting, hosted by Athens and performed via VTC on 15 Oct 2020.

    The establishment and periodic evaluation of key indicators may improve the quality of medical services rendered to military personnel and identify sub-optimal areas.

    The functionality and data will be implemented, after determination of requirements, including security considerations and protection of personal information, as well as national and user feedback.

    The proposal will be implemented as a service to the IMIHO Portal, without cost to nations, under provisions of the “IMIHO Guidance and Framework” Document.

    Further details will be provided in the future.

    The document is available here (registration required).

    Published on Sunday, 01 November 2020 11:31
    Key words: project metrics
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