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Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC) Public Portal
Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC) Public Portal


altThe Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC) is a multinational initiative, aiming to establish scientific research among Military Medical Institutes (Academies) of participating countries, to exchange ideas and practical experience in organizing the medical supply in the Armies and to trace out forms and fields of collaboration concerning their scientific, training and treatment activities.

Annual Congresses are held, where health care personnel presents topics on various fields of Military Medicine. 





The following nations participate to BMMC.

 alb1 Bulg2 gre4 rom6 ser7 tur8


9th BMMC Congress was held in Antalya, Turkey, between 21st and 24th June 2004. 350 specialists participated from the four member countries and four medical officers as observers from Albania, Croatia, FYROM and Serbia. Six hundred and fourteen (614) scientific papers, one hundred and twenty six (126) oral and four hundred and eighty eight (488) poster presentations were presented. A panel with the topic “Military Medicine in Mass Casualties” took place with international participation and great success. A specialist meeting with the theme “Spatial Disorientation, Training, Prevention and Countermeasures” took place as well. It was decided that, in the future congresses, the title of these specialist meetings would be “State of the Art Seminar, Panel or Conference”.

It was the first time that military medical students from member countries attended the congress. Also for the first time, an official web site was prepared from Turkish National Board for the activities of 9th BMMC Congress.

A technical medical exhibition and a special art exhibition with pastures from previous BMMC congresses were organized.

A technical visit was made to the military airport of Antalya and a briefing was given to participants about the ambulance aircraft. Military medical authorities and BMMC National Boards appreciated that activity and tried to support such informatics briefings in next meetings.

Greek National Board presented an informative booth during the congress on the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, an activity that distracted great interest.
During 15th BMMC Post Congress Committee Meeting from 25 to 27 June 2004, the idea of accepting scientific articles for publication in BMMR from non-member countries was discussed. It was approved in accordance with article 7 of Agreed Minutes of the 2nd Extra Meeting of BMMC, 1997 Athens, Greece.

8th BMMC Congress was held in Cluj Napoca of Romania from 21 until 24 October 2003. The congress was attended by three hundred and fifty (350) participants from all four member countries. There were two officers attending the congress as observers, one from Albania and one from USA.

Seven hundred and two (702) scientific papers, one hundred and twenty three (123) oral and five hundred and seventy nine (579) poster presentations were presented. 

7th BMMC Congress was held in Athens, Greece, from 06 to10 October 2002. The main scientific panel topic was “NBC Protection”. Five hundred and fifty two (552) participants from all four member countries of BMMC attended the congress. Four hundred and sixteen (416) scientific papers of all specialties of medicine were presented.

In the closing ceremony of 7th BMMC congress, member countries signed “Statement of Acceptance” on the establishment of the Balkan Military Medical Unit (BMMU).

During 11th BMMC Post Congress Committee Meeting held in Porto Heli, Greece from 11 to 12 October 2002, final Congress Protocol, was presented by Turkish National Board and was decided to be signed at the next meeting. Attendance of BMMC National Boards Presidents and Secre-tary Generals to International Committee of Military Medicine Congress took place as discussed in the previous meeting.

6th BMMC Congress was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from 01 to 03 October, 2001. The congress was attended by three hundred (300) participants, while three hundred and twenty (320) scientific papers were presented.

9th BMMC Meeting was held in Pamporovo, Bulgaria between 5th and 7th October 2001. Turkish National Board presented the first draft of Congress Protocol. New BMMC emblem was prepared and presented by Greek National Board. The name of the previous proposed Joint Military Medical Unit was discussed and decided to be renamed as “Balkan Military Medical Unit of BMMC”. 

Attendance of BMMC National Boards Presidents and Secretary Generals to International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) Congresses was discussed. It was decided to participate actively making a presentation about BMMU of BMMC and preparing brochures and a booth concerning BMMC history and activities at next ICMM Congress.

5th BMMC Congress was held in Ankara, Turkey, between 25th and 28th September 2000. It had five hundred and twenty (520) participants from the four member countries and four hundred and ten (410) scientific papers were presented.

8th BMMC Meeting was held in Izmir, Turkey from 29 September to 01 October. During that meeting it was decided that participants of the congress were obliged to have at least one paper. Without a paper no one could be a participant except official VIPs.

Greek National Board took the responsibility to prepare a badge to be worn by the Chiefs of delegations and the National Boards during the congresses and meetings and any time if needed in accordance with the regulations of member countries.

4th BMMC Congresswas held in Bucharest, Romania, between 6th and 10th June 1999. Three hundred and fifty six (356) specialists participated from the four member countries and five hundred and forty two (542) scientific papers were presented. Three round tables were organized: “Multitrauma and Emergency Medicine”, “Hospital Management” and “Humanitarian Medical Missions”.

The first BMMC medal and hammer were created by Romanian National Board, while the first flag was created by Greek National Board. During the 7th BMMC Meeting it was decided that in the future the medal, hummer and flag will be compulsory transferred from President to President of BMMC, during the closing ceremony of the congress. When the new President receives the hammer, medal and flag, he has to say the following oath:

“I, the President of BMMC, will do always my best in order to preserve in honor, safety and dignity the symbols of power and I will also do my best for the development of the Balkan Military Medical Committee”.

Furthermore, Greek National Board presented the first draft of BMMC Joint Medical Unit (BMMU), while BMMC National Boards decided to create a Congress Protocol. Turkish National Board undertook to prepare the draft following the propositions from other member countries.

BMMC National Boards decided that they were not in a position to receive new member countries until the final completion of its structure body.

3rd BMMC Congress was held in Athens, Greece, from 11 to 13 May 1998. Nine hundred and eleven (911) specialists participated from the four member countries of BMMC. There were two hundred (200) from Bulgaria, five hundred and five (505) from Greece, forty eight (48) from Romania and fifty eight (58) from Turkey. Also, officers from military medical services of other twenty two (22) countries, other than BMMC member countries, took part in the congress. A number of five hundred and forty eight (548) scientific papers from all medical specialties were presented.
The possibility of establishment a Joint Medical Unit was discussed after the congress, during the 6th BMMC Meeting, following Greek National Board's proposal. At that meeting, it was decided the number of participants for next congresses to be forty (40) medical officers from each country, plus the members of National Boards, Honorary Guests and accompanying persons.

The 2nd BMMC Congress was held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 06 to 09 October, 1997.
During the 5th BMMC meeting at 08 October, all BMMC National Boards decided about BMMC emblem: “It should have a circular form, where the outer circle contains the Committee’s name in full (Balkan Military Medical Committee), the acronym BMMC and the year 1995. The inner circle contains the National flags of the four member countries, where the exact colors and proportions of the national flags should be reproduced. The central circle contains a map of the Balkan countries where the whole territories of the four BMMC countries are colored in blue, while the rest of the Balkan countries are only outlined. The background of the map is pink. In a central position, there is the Hypocratic symbol representing a stick and a yellow snake”.
Details about BMMR were discussed (cover, format, status, publication, editorial and scientific board etc.) during 5th BMMC meeting and decision continued during the 2nd extra meeting of BMMC at 06 December 1997, that was held in Athens. It was decided that the publication of BMMR would be responsibility of Greek National Board for four years begging from 1998.

The 1st BMMC Congress which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 6 until 8 May 1996, was a great success. Five hundred and sixty eight (568) specialists participated to the congress and two hundred and fifty seven (257) scientific works were presented. According to Agreed Minutes during the 4th BMMC meeting after the 1st congress, it was decided every National Board of BMMC to have a President and a Secretary General who must be communicated to the Chairman of BMMC.

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